As I promised the last time, in this post I will explain the benefits of having good kiths. Good friends provide companionship – that warmth and coziness. It is obvious that loneliness is working you up. That lack of a person to confabulate with. Your decision to do away with friends has locked you up in the dryness of loneliness and moodiness. You see, companionship is a benefit of friendship. How fast your mood and grooming will change when you open yourself up to the winsomeness of friendship with good hearted individuals.

You need a confidant. Now, this issue of confidentiality was a big problem with your old friends. But you can’t distrust everyone because of a few untrustworthy fellows. If you find someone who is goodhearted and trustworthy, someone who will always ‘have your back,’ you’ll see the essence of pouring those secrets haunting the crevices of your heart into their listening ears.

A good friend strengthens your soul. Strength and weakness seems to occur on a continuum for most of us. You have a tendency to despair when you are weak and it is at this point that a friend strengthens you. Makes you see hope where you have given up. A friend instills confidence in you. Where you have self-doubts they help you see beyond your fears. That’s because they know your strength beyond what you realize.

Great friends help you become your best. Obviously, you’ll work the work that makes you the best you can be but when you know someone (or persons) believes in you, you get the spur to push for something worthwhile. In other words, good friends help you grow.

Another important thing is that good friends help you see when you are on the wrong lane. The Proverbs say, “The first person to plead his cause always seems right until his neighbor comes and examine it.” You may think that you are doing something right until others give it a critical look. Form another view, a ‘wrong lane’ could mean you are about to give up and they help you stay.

You see all the benefits good friends bring – you don’t want to miss out. But how do you find friends with these benefits? That will be the crux of the next discussion.