That law of physics says ‘likes attract’. Your values determine who you attract. Values can be said to constitute the statues by which you live. Those are the principles that determine your decisions, dispositions, attitudes and living.

So, what are your values? For you to find good friends that will help you grow, you need to find yourself. Know your values. Live by your values and people who share such values will be attracted to you.

Gamblers have gambling friends. Smokers always attract other smokers. If a cannabis user gets in a new environment it will only take so long before he or she finds other cannabis users or a cannabis joint. Same happens with those who play football. They always know themselves. The point is people who share interests or behavior or values become friends. It is rare to find people with conflicting values form friendship.

Let me give you examples of values you could develop in yourself and find in others as you make the quest to find good friends. Values of love, respect, selflessness, care, altruism, uprightness, honesty, confidentiality, humility, generosity, ambition, conscientiousness, integrity, compassion, gentleness, kindness and goodness. The list continues. If you cultivate these values, you’ll become a better person and you will ‘roll’ only with people of such values.

There’s a lot you can be on your own. There’s even much more you can be when you are in the company of people with great values. You can’t do it all on your own. You’ll always need a help, a companion, and a friend. Be a good friend and good friends will find you.