COVID-19 is everywhere. That is the coronavirus. We used to hear about it in the news at its onset and it felt so distant. It was reported as an outbreak of a strange disease far away in China. The advent of coronavirus felt so remote we thought it would never get to us. As the disease and its deadly impacts became more popular people expected that the Chinese would either find a way to stop it before it escalates or something would just happen from somewhere and nip it in the bud but here we are. Covid-19 has gone roundabout everywhere.

Corona is not only spreading, alongside is also the spread of unfathomed canard. First, they said the US wanted to finish China because China had become a threat to America’s economic prowess. Then others said the Chinese invented it to reduce their own population. Some even said the aim of the Chinese was to ensure that the American president is ousted from office. All these are rumors being peddled by lay people trying to make sense of the pandemic.

As expected, regular people on the streets are pensive. Many are still in utter disregard of the existence of the disease while many are just making fun of the whole thing. Some call it a big, fat lie and that it is the ploy of some unscrupulous government officials whose aim is to syphon funds from the state and donors. Religious leaders and their followers also have their take on the situation. They say the disease is nothing but punishment for sins.

The fact however remains that Covid-19 or SARS-COV-2 as it is officially called is a dangerous disease and it reminds us that we are biological beings after all and we could be wiped out even by something as tiny as a virus. Therefore, every necessary measure must be taken to stop the spread.

Now, the virus require humans to move it and spread it to other humans because it doesn’t have the ability to move by itself. This is why in countries where the disease has spread so much among the population, people have been asked to stop moving about and stay at home. This seems to be one of the very effective ways to curb the spread of coronavirus. People are also encouraged to practice social distancing because this helps to limit human contacts as contacts are required for people to contract the disease. Also, the following precautions must be taken at individual levels as we join hands in fighting the virus:

Wash your hands regularly with soap for about 20 seconds under running water. In case you don’t have running water ensure that you are not washing your hand in a bowl.
Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze. Use disposable tissues or flexed elbow for this purpose.
Apply alcohol based sanitizers or hand rub regularly.
Avoid close contacts with people who are sick or unwell.
Stay away from crowds.
Self-isolate if you feel unwell.
Avoid touching your face, eyes, mouth or nose.
If you just traveled within or across continents, try as much as possible to self-isolate (not that you have a choice). Failure to do this now attracts a huge fine or jail term in some countries.
If you begin to have symptoms of the disease quickly get in contact with the appropriate authorities who would guide you into the laid down protocol for treatment.

Governments and researchers all over the world are putting heads and ideas together to make sure that Covid-19 is defeated. The battle however is for every human being. We all must fight to win the war against corona. Some have referred to it as a biological weapon. We must also fight it by being biologically aware. Things as simple as maintaining good personal hygiene, keeping social distances, and staying at home can be our weapons with which we’ll win this battle.

It is established that during periods like this the chances of people to experience some unpleasant psychological symptoms are high. If you have noticed feelings of loneliness, boredom, stress, anxiety, depression and more during this lockdown you may feel free to contact the author of this website on WhatsApp 08035823047.