Work is series of activities that engage the mind and body. Through work we earn a living. We create value and produce goods and services. As with most activities that engage the mind and saps physical energy, stress – both mental and physical – often come alongside. Although, work comes with a measure of stress yet, there are many therapeutic benefits of work. Some of these benefits are highlighted below:

Positive use of energy
Many people of working age are full of energy that needs to be directed into productive endeavors otherwise, these people will find some asocial ventures to engage in. This may be the reason why many unemployed people exert their energies in various socially unacceptable acts.

Emotional growth and stability
Emotions are powerful feelings characterized by physiological changes. There are emotions such as happiness, surprise, love etc. There are also negative emotions such as hostility, sadness, anger, and so on. When we work, there is more likelihood that we display positive emotions because we usually derive both intrinsic and extrinsic satisfaction from the work we do.

Healthy mind frame
The popular saying goes that ‘an idle man is the devil’s workshop’ and one may wonder what kind of services are offered in a workshop led by the devil. A healthy mind is one that is continuously engaged in productive thinking. It seeks solution to problems and generates ideas for creating new frontiers in business. These are the activities that work gives the mind the opportunity to foster.

Deployment of intellectual capabilities
Medical doctors, teachers, engineers, lawyers, accountants, nurses, broadcasters, military men, actors, musicians, photographers, sports men, and many other professionals deploy their knowledge, intellectual capabilities and technical abilities through the works they do. They derive so much joy from these and earn a living too. Thus they expend physical and mental abilities and derive psychological benefits.

Prevention of illness
Work helps to prevent physical and mental health problems. Fatigue, obesity, inactivity, stress, anxiety, depression, restlessness, helplessness, and many forms of health issues are prevented or even eradicated when people engage in work under adequate environments.

Increased knowledge and skills
Work always requires improvement as trends continue to change dramatically. New technologies, innovations and digital revolutions make it crucial that workers improve on and increase their knowledge and skills continuously. So, work makes a life of continuous learning imperative. This is to the advantage of both the individual worker and the organization.

Interaction with other people
When we go to work, we meet other people with whom we share knowledge and ideas that facilitate finding of solution to problems. These interactions are so vital that not so many places outside of the workplace provide such structure for them.

Work is more than just a series of activities to make a living from. Work is therapeutic. Its effect on the mind and body transcends what money can buy. The satisfaction we derive from seeing the great results of our work has big impacts on our emotional stability and mental wellbeing.